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The part when explaining how its like to become a baby from parent perspective

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Mhm. What is it like being a baby? You have a huge advantage of your baby. You have some idea what to expect from becoming a parent. You may have watched your parents look after your siblings, You will have witnessed other parents with their Children. You may remember how you felt as a child and you may have re parenting blogs and books and most importantly, you have been a baby. Your experience will be consigned to unconscious memory, but it will still be there. A baby on the other hand, has no idea what it's like to be apparent. They haven't even been a baby before everything. A baby experiences is a first experience. It is almost impossible to imagine what that's like, but try to bear it in mind. The first experience of anything forms the deepest impressions these days as adults, we have fewer opportunities for first impressions. When we meet a new person, we get an impression of that person. But it will not do much to change our philosophy of people in general, consolidated long ago. If you go on holiday to a new place and the people happen to be lawfully and whether just how you like it, the place will probably have good associations and you will think of it fondly in the same way, life will be easier for a baby if their first impression of the world is as a safe and loving place. One where they feel they belong whatever calamities before them in life, they will be less easily knocked up because and they will recover more quickly if they have felt that they count, they belong and they are lovable.