Just a short mp3 of me covering tinas whats love got to do with it

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I did use audacity to clean it up and add effects

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all right? Just test test. You must understand the touch of your suppose react you so loathe Opposites attract Who is physical rolling logically Oh, you must try to know that it means more than that What's love? Got to do the oh what's love but a signet emotion What's love? Got to do what they got Dio needs this from my heart can be broken A message to you I'm acting quite confused You're so close to me e tend to look Days were already someplace is I got Teoh who is a name for the O Walking on a phrase If it's for whatever reason you do it for me What's love? Got to do what they got to do with what's love A sucking an emotion What's love? Got to do what they got Thio Who needs this heart? My heart can be broken Yeah