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I landed this gig on UpWork, voicing a series of 60 1-minute snippets of US history.

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With the new nation came the need for a new flag, One that would distinguish american military units from british on the field of battle. The first flag used was known as the continental colors, which was nothing more than a british naval ensign with white stripes applied to it. The americans used this flag for over a year before the second Continental Congress. On june 14th 17 77 passed the flag resolution. According to this resolution, the American flag was to have 13 stripes alternating red and white, with 13 White Stars on a blue field representing the *****. Despite the resolution, the early years of the revolution saw a variety of designs in use. The first use of the official United States flag in battle occurred at the siege of forts stand wicks on august 3rd 17 77 the origin of the official flags design is obscured by a lack of conclusive evidence pointing to a single individual, the old Betsy Ross story where George Washington requested Betsy ross to design, and so the first flag has been thoroughly discredited. Another origin story that has been discredited is the more obscure version that the design was borrowed from George Washington's coat of arms. This was an apocryphal story from works of fiction, like lacking in historical evidence. A third origin story that may be closer to the truth is that of Francis Hopkins, a naval flag designer and signer of the Declaration of Independence. While there is a lack of evidence that points Hopkins out as the sole designer. His work on several U. S. Navy seals indicates he may have had a hand in its design. It has been recorded that Hopkins made later unsuccessful requests for compensation for his design work, barring the discovery of additional documents, the true story of the flag's origin is one that will remain elusive.