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Animation Reel- Dennis Mailu

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North American (General)


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Dennis, My Lou. Hey, guys, up here! Cody! That's weird. He should be right here. Unless he Oh, no. He must have fallen into the ravine. Hang tight, buddy. We're on our way. Delta Six, this is Bravo five. We've got situation up here, Sarge. The enemies in sight. We need ground support were being surrounded. Get somebody up here, Sarge, and gum up here fast. That's it. Critics drink up. You know what today is? That's right. I knew you wouldn't forget my birthday. Oh, dear. We're running awfully low on caviar. A Rollo, be a dollar and run down to the what you call it again? Ah, yes, The supermarket. And get a few dozen jars of caviar. The expensive. You thought you outsmarted me, Rocket boy. Well, think again. You'll never get out of here.