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Hello there and welcome to our commuter van Pooling safety video. Today we'll be discussing all the ins and outs of our vehicles, as well as safe driving habits, maintenance, accident reporting and General Van safety. Stack Overflow is the most trusted online resource for developers than the ideal partner to the employers who want to hire them. Nearly every developer on the planet relies on stack, overflow, toe, learn, share and level up. Welcome to the C R. A. Training on reviewing source documentation. This'll is an advanced module with challenging true to life scenarios. From this point onwards, you assume the role of a study cr a quick the down arrow when you're ready to continue with the scenario. Next, open the sealed converter and inverter compartments to check to see if there's any dust buildup. If it's dusty, check the compartment door seals and vacuum the compartment. While you're here, check the components for damage or excess heating. Once complete, closed the door and tighten the bolts to make sure the doors are sealed. Welcome to the new employee training course. Today's course will focus on conflicts of interest. For the next 15 minutes, you will explore the work life of company employees and and assess. If she is experiencing conflicts of interest on the job, you will then complete a formal assessment. So that's me starting the day with newfound energy, ready to fully embrace the different personalities on my team. This includes Deb and Jerry. Stage one begins at the separation tanks and oily water separators here. Floating oil is skin from the top of the wastewater man reprocessed within the refinery.