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we've applied artificial intelligence to just about every industry. So why not construction? Just think of all the data that's related to a specific project. Environmental, financial, and physical. Certainly, if we studied this data, we'd make better decisions across the industry. That's the idea behind construction intelligence. When you hear plastic surgery, you'd probably think of tummy tucks and for facelifts. And while these so called vanity procedures are common, the truth is, many plastic surgeries are medical necessities. Think skin grafts for burn victims. A reconstructive surgery for patients suffering from disease from Big Bend to Westminster Abbey, great Britain is full of architectural treasures, but none capture the majesty of british history. Quite like Windsor castle. Built in 10 70 by William the conqueror. It's the oldest continuously inhabited royal palace in the world. Every politician has an origin story. Most exaggerate the details. But for john f Kennedy, the truth was more than enough. As commander of a pt boat during World War two, Kennedy was a war hero in the truest sense of the term, saving 10 of his comrades from certain death