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I made this so you know how my microphone sounds we I’m speaking with it.

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Okay, so I just got a mic today or microphone today, and I have adjustment on it. So, as you see, I'm speaking normally to you. I'm gonna keep on speaking normally to you. Except if you can hear. I'm sorry the volume is going down. That's because I'm turning the handle or the little train thing. And I'm speaking the same tone. You just can. You just can't really hear me too. Well, if it goes all the way down and just what happens when it keeps on going so high? Uh huh. Uh huh. I said, Right now it's at the middle. So this is probably what you'll be hearing. Usually, if you want to hear me more loudly, I'll keep on turning it up. I'll turn it up as to the point where you want, and that's basically what it is. So I just got a new microphone. Thank you.