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I recorded this for a company in Australia looking for a conversational, sincere approach.

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we are re imagining our processes, facilities and employee experience to focus on addressing the potential causes for injuries or illnesses at work. one such program is working well, Which we launched at 350 sites across North America and Europe. In 2020. We coach small groups of employees on body mechanics, proactive wellness and safety. Mind and body moments are short workstation reminders that encourage employees to take a break and stretch, breathe or take a mindful moment. Their aim is to improve employees mental and physical wellbeing, reduce fatigue and stress and improve health and safety engagement, both at work and outside of the workplace. Our wellness centers in North America include preventive care, first aid response and return to work support in most of our buildings. Medically trained personnel are available in person or virtually to provide private health care support. Our focus on reducing fatigue and discomfort and increasing early. MSD prevention is already achieving results globally. From 2019 to 2020 overall. Msdf decreased by 32% and MSD is resulting in time away from work have decreased by more than half. We are expanding, working well and mind and body moments in 2021 And aimed to cut our recordable incident rates by 50 by 2025.