Road Levy Documentary Narration, Deep Voice, Warm, Friendly

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This was a voiceover gig for a long running television spot about the Tigard, Oregon road levy. The Director wanted a Gregory Peck richness.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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The day begins for the people of tigers, with the sun rising over the majestic outline of Mount Hood illuminating a big city which has never lost touch with its small town roots. Tiger has grown over the years, but the city, which hosts a giant regional shopping mall, has preserved its founder's home. The city whose streets are lined with stores, restaurants, theaters and more still has maintained large amounts of wetlands and green spaces ensuring and maintaining the quality of life and livability, which inspired people to move here in the first place. It's a town where there are more trees than houses where many neighborhoods looked more like a forest than a housing development. Sure, their opportunities for shopping and entertainment and work and for finding all the services and amenities we required every urban area opposite. But in Tigard you can still launch a boat into the river or play sports at the parks or feed ducks or walk along tree lined trails, stopping to visit the butterfly garden or maybe just pausing to enjoy watching wildlife in their natural habitat. Tiger is a city of vision guided by citizens who care about their community. It's citizen involvement. That makes Tigard work and it's thanks to the vision and leadership of generations of our citizens that tiger has preserved so much of its character and charm. Mm hmm.