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Examples of my ability to record eLearning, Narration, web explainers, and IVR's.

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How is diesel fuel different than gasoline? Here's the answer. Diesel is a lower grade, less refined product of petroleum, made from heavier hydrocarbons molecules built from more carbon and hydrogen atoms. Comparatively, diesel engines are simpler, more efficient and more economical. Thank you for calling Trader Joe's, where we focus on what really matters great food at great prices. Press one for directions or to talk to a real live person. Press two. Now consultants number one job is listening. Solving problems for clients effectively is the ultimate goal of any consultant. Before you can give advice or share your wisdom, you must perfect the art off listening. Smith and Wollensky ease in New York City Perhaps the most well known steakhouse in the world takes wine just as seriously as it does it stakes. The restaurant has a treasure of 50,000 bottles of wine in the temperature controlled cellar