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the Johnsons are selected to appear on bailout. As Jamie and Cynthia are called down from the studio audience to the center of our shiny floor emotions run high. Let's take a look at their game board. There are 20 yellow bailout cards here. On the left is a list of 10 of all their debts ordered from highest to lowest. They could get five of these 10 debts paid off in the first round. If they are successful in doing that, they move on to the home free round for the chance to get their home paid off. That's the ultimate goal. Somewhere behind these cards lies the 10 debts listed. They must pick the card corresponding to each debt. In order to get it paid off. The contestant has 10 pulls or chances to select five of their debts once a debt is picked. Ah, paid in full check to the creditor is presented to the contestant, thus bailing them out of that debt. Sounds easy, right? But as you can imagine, there's a catch. In addition to the debts on the board, there are five X is if they pull three exes before selecting five debt cards the game is immediately over for the contestant. They go home with Onley, the debts they have collected and no hope of paying off their home. Additionally, there are five push cards. Each time they pick one of these, they lose that turn. And remember, they only have 10 picks to try to collect five of their debts. So these push cards can have a catastrophic effect. Let's shuffle the cards and play the game. Jamie and Cynthia look over the board and make their decision second row, second from the left. The first card they pull is an ex tomb or these, and the game is over. They only have nine more chances to pick five debts if they want the opportunity to pay off their home, they choose their next card, and it's the home theater. From Best Buy, Jamie is handed a check for $3760 made out to Best Buy. There are still some big debts on the board, like the college tuition and two family cars, so every poll is important. They make their next choice and they pull, Ah, push card things, air getting tight. Now they pull again and are handed a check for $600 made out to Jamey's mother. He can finally here, the end of it from his wife and mother. That relieves some guilt, but he really wants to pull one of the big debts still left on the board because only one Mawr X will send the family home. With the pressure of their home loan intact, Kevin now makes the Johnsons and offer they must take seriously. They can either continue to play on in hopes of getting their home paid off. But risking that third X, in which case it's all over, or they can quit now go home with all the debts they have already pulled and take an extra 25 K in cash that Kevin will offer them. Right now, they decide to play on. The tension rises as Jamie and Cynthia pick again. They must avoid the last X for the chance to pay off their home. They pull a push card. Not great, but they stay alive. There are some big debts left on the board, and they are really hoping to pull one here they select again and finally a big payday. It's Jamey's Ford F 1 50 They're handed the largest check yet, made out to the Ford Motor Company for $31,124.11. They are once again on a roll, but only have three poles left. Do select two more deaths. They select the fourth column second row, and it's the small business loan, one of the biggest left in play, the Johnsons then select the top left hand corner. And it's a push card, not what they were hoping for as it gets them one step closer to possibly pulling the final X that would in the game and send them home with Onley. The debts they have one. Up to this point, they now have one pull left to select one last debt. If they pick the X, the game is over. If they select a push, the game is over. They must get one more debt. It all comes down to this one selection. Jamie and Cynthia confer and make a selection. It's the Banana Republic card. They have successfully completed the first round. They now hold five checks totaling $42,137.63. The Johnsons have made it to the main event, the home free round. This high stakes game board has only eight cards behind. One of these lies the House pick this card. And not only do the Johnsons leave with their home paid off, they also keep all the checks they won in Round one. But you know, by now it's not as easy as it looks to get bailed out. The contestant has only three chances to pull the house card behind these other cards live four push cards. Three X is if the contestant pulls three exes prior to pulling the house card, the game is over and they go home with only what they have left. But wait, the round gets even more treacherous. Every time the contestant pulls and ex, they lose the highest value debt that they won in Round one, the Johnsons air ready to play. Let's join them to see how the game goes. They picked the bottom right hand corner. It's an X. This is bad, but their debts air safe because on the first pull there is no penalty for pulling an X, but only tomb or exes and the game is over. After each pool, Kevin offers the contestant the opportunity to quit and go home with the debts they still have intact. The Johnsons play on. They picked the top left hand corner. Ah, it's an X. With that, they lose the highest debt payoff check that they won in Round one. Kevin again offers the opportunity to quit. Things were looking grim, but the Johnsons forge ahead. Even more determined. They picked the third column Top row. It's the house The Johnsons leave with the remaining debts paid off from Round one and their total mortgage, with the future bright ahead for the family they had out of our studio on Easy Street.