Jeremiah Burrows: The Jewel of Christian Contentment

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A raw, unedited reading of the writings of Puritan Jeremiah Burrows done in a more formal, academic style.

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Chapter Nine A contented man may expect reward those who are content may expect reward from God that God shall give unto them the good of all those things that they are contented to be without. And this brings an abundance of good to a contented spirit. There is such and such a mercy that you think would be very comfortable unto you if you had it. But can you bring your heart to submit to God in it? You shall have the blessing of the mercy. One way or other. If you have not the thing itself, you shall have it made up one way or other, you shall have a bill of exchange to receive somewhat in lieu of it. There is no comfort that any soul is content to be without. But the Lord will give either the comfort or somewhat instead of it, you shall have a reward to your soul for whatever good thing you are content to be without. You know what the scripture says of active obedience and the Lord does, except of his servants. There will for the deed, though we do not do a good thing. Yet. If our hearts be upright to will to do it, we shall have the blessing that we do not do the thing. You that complain of weakness. You cannot do as others do. You cannot do as much service as others do. If your hearts be upright with God, and would fain do the same service that you see others do. You would accounted a great blessing of God upon you. The greatest blessing in the world. If you were able to do as others do now, you may comfort yourself with this, having to deal with God, and the way of the covenant of grace you shall have from God. The reward of all you would do as a wicked man shall have punishment for all the sin he would commit. So. You shall have the reward for all the good you would do. Now, may we not draw an argument from active obedience to passive? There is a good reason why you should expect that God will reward you for all you are willing to suffer as well as for all that you are willing to do now. If you are willing to be without such a comfort and mercy. When God sees it fit, you shall be no loser. Certainly God will reward you either with the comfort or with that which shall be as good to you as the comfort. Therefore, consider how many things have I that others want. And can I bring my heart into a quiet, contented frame to want what others have. And can I bring my heart into a quiet contented frame to want what others have? I have the blessing of all that they have! And I shall either possess such things as others have, or else God will make it up one way or the other. Either here or hereafter, an eternity to me! Oh! What riches are here with contentment! You have all kinds of riches