Audio reading of 'Mastery' By Robert Greene.

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keys to mastery. Many of the greatest masters in history have confessed to experiencing some kind of force or voice or sense of destiny that has guided them forward. Such feelings can be seen as purely mystical, beyond explanation or as hallucinations and delusions. But there is another way to see them as eminently real, practical and explicable. It can be explained in the following way. All of us are born unique. This uniqueness is marked genetically in our DNA. We are a one time phenomena in the universe, are exact. Genetic makeup has never occurred before, nor will it ever be repeated for all of us. This uniqueness first expresses itself in childhood through certain primal inclinations. For Leonardo, it was exploring the natural world around his village and bringing it to life on paper in his own way. For others, it can be an early attraction to visual patterns, often an indication of a future interest in mathematics. Or it can be an attraction to particular physical movements or special arrangements. How can we explain such inclinations? There are forces within us that come from a deeper place than conscious words can express. This primal uniqueness naturally wants to assert and express itself. But some experience it more strongly than others. With masters, it is so strong that it feels like something that has its own external reality, a force of voice destiny. In moments when we engage in an activity that corresponds to our deepest inclinations, we might experience a touch of this.