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An entertaining example of what I am capable of in terms of voice acting, song writing, producing and character creating.

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Hello. My name is Dylan and you're about to experience a full range of what I can. Isn't it beautiful. The shining blue orb dressed in its crimson attire. You think you're coming off dirty blood, You better back off now, Otherwise we're gonna have a proper problem in it. The ocean onto the next one. Coming at you 500 times a year, five days a week. Five people behind the counter. Oh yeah, civilization dying to face the dark star lord or welcome to the Herbalife nutrition sales and marketing plan. Let's go through the steps to success together for a better understanding. Even a visionary in the 1940s could not have predicted what the pace of change would look like today. Expectations are higher demands are louder responses are instantaneous consequences are greater West Midlands, Safari pop are celebrating 50 years of tiger trekking, dino loving, roller, coasting people's Norton ear flapping, penguin splash, road tripping, marmoset, rhino rocking bang Baron real seeking William, er leaping, barrett squad nerve chang. Hello, I'm austin a picture. I'm a surgeon who treats people with bowel cancer. It's one of the most common cancers. Anyone can get it. That's why the NHS sends out bowel screening kits to use it. Hallelujah, I made myself a part with you. Of course, my dear, howdy ma'am, Y'all need something. I got a chisel, a picture of a goat, a chimp that can box whatever you need in this hair briefcase. I'm a boy turned into a man and as a man, I decided I'd rather be a city boy man. Can you believe it. After five months of trying, we're finally able to book an opening act at the famous Whisker Stadium at Downtown Peroxide. Best of all, we're opening for Palo del sol himself. Stand back, scourge of the sea, You shall not take him. And that's my voice. Ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen, thank you very much for taking the time to listen. Everything you have heard was completely produced by me using original songs and music. I created myself with the use of voice acting projects I have either worked on or auditioned for. I look forward to hopefully working with you in the future. So please keep me in mind and have a wonderful day.