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This a mix of corporate reads that I have recorded some I was hired for and some were demos.

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This is a story about a painting, one of six commissioned by a group of civic militia guards in 16 39 to adorn the walls of this great hall cloven heirs do Ellen in Amsterdam. Nothing extraordinary in that there had been a long tradition of such group portrait. Wealthy merchants lined up formally and ranks hanging high on the walls of their social meetings. The difference this time was that the painter was Rembrandt. Van Ryn, an up and coming artist, chose to break all convention. In doing so, he created a masterpiece, Ah, painting that now epitomises a nation spirit and belief. As a nation, we've come to rely on fast and wide ranging broadband coverage. But deploying the networks that bring you the latest technologies is not that simple. Deploying new technologies efficiently and quickly is critical to winning the race to five G and maintaining the U. S. Global leadership in wireless. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. Delays in getting access to polls quickly an unreasonable cost often slowed down deployments. Teams will go through a digital garage. We use the term garage, since many great businesses from Apple to Disney started in a literal garage. The most amazing innovation happened just by putting the right people in the room, moving from teams focused on a project with a start. And in date, two teams focused on a continuous, ever improving product means we must teach teams how to work together to foster innovation, and a digital garage will help us do just that.