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Welcome to the managing with M V P E. Learning course. Welcome to confine space entry. Virtual reality training Welcome to the concussion awareness course for parents and caregivers of Children, youth and young adults. Welcome to business top. Welcome to E con works. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. We're glad you're here today. This video is a just in time training to provide you with the basic details on how to set up on operate an emergency shelter in Baltimore County. This training provides guidance on how to apply economic analysis in the transportation planning process. Module one will cover key responsibilities with the goal of creating a strong understanding of your role within our organization. You will go through the process of preparing for and working within a confined space. It begins with a review of important sales competencies. By the end of this course, you'll be able to understand the big picture frame work. You'll be able to define the term M V p the benefits, and when it conf ale, you'll learn how to repair a diesel track direction with binder twine sealing wax and a Ziploc sandwich back, you will know why we manually code bags and the importance of manual coding. Recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion and understand the importance of concussion prevention and education. If you're ready, let's get started.