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E. G. Fender E. Learning demo. Hello and welcome to this latest in our how to video series. Today we'll show you how to install this shop light first, Make sure the power supply that you're connecting to is turned off at the breaker box, click yes. To confirm that you are ready to start the session. Once the session has started, you will see a timer appear on the top right corner of your screen. It is here to help you stay within the intended time frame that you have booked for this activity installing a multi slide door. Takes approximately one hour with two or more people prepare for the installation, making sure you have all materials in hand, proper tools available and appropriate personal protection equipment. Begin installation by verifying that the rough opening is larger than the final door size by half an inch in width and a quarter inch in height. The constitution opens with the preamble, a sweeping introduction that describes the broader goals of the young country. The new United States sought to be a just peaceful and free nation, a government by the people, for the people. The sections that follow the preamble are more formal but for the framers, the 55 men who helped create and compose the constitution. These words were meant to be different, laying out a poetic inspiring roadmap for what the country should be now and in the future