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I am a veteran when it comes to reading political spots knowing when to emphasize a word or line to highlight the message and the candidate. I know how to read a negative with lots of stink and on the flip side can easily read a bright spot like a real member of the community being represented.

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americans are tired. It's been a tough year and instead of trying to make things better, lawmakers could make them worse. One of our best teachers, Ashley, Ellis Ashley knows education is important right from the start. Ashley's plan invest in early childhood education, allowing even more Children to participate. Preposterous. Most michiganders get health coverage from work, but peters would take it away. Gone. Are you tired of rude politicians who don't treat others with respect? Disrespectful, unhinged. Campbell thinks laws apply to everyone but her arrested three times, robert mills, yep. He's 100% grandfather spoils them every chance he gets his grandchildren, your Children there, Why robert Mills is running for state Senate, julie. Oliver wants to deepen the police. That's crazy, nope, that's just crazy julie. Oliver voting is America. Freedom gives us that right. I'm voting for Bubba Mcdonald because I love low utility bills because of bubba. Our rates are lower than the national average. A robbery at a grocery store, Local police dispatch, officer chris guidry to respond. When officer Guidry arrived at the scene, he was assaulted, turns out the criminal had a 51 page criminal history, theft, burglary, drugs, everything, sonny jefferson parrish birds on your shoulders. No worries. That is, it's always sunny when you're a parish government insider like jennifer van Rankin over the past year, convenience stores and gas stations were essential businesses staying open to serve you and your family during tough times. Take a stand for the community businesses who stood with you call your members of Congress