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I can sing as well.

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mhm. Oh, Uh huh. Well, well, well, What have we here? Santa Claus, huh? I'm really scared. So you're the one everybody is talking about. You're joking. You're joking. I can't believe my eyes. You're joking. You've got to be. This can't be the right guy. I don't know which is worse. I might just split a seat now if I don't die laughing first. Mr. Boobie says this trouble close at hand, you better pay attention now because I'm the Bookman. And if you want shaking, there's something very wrong because this may be the last time I might just cook a special batch of steak inspired. And don't you know the one thing that would make it work? So nice to add a little banks. Release me. Now you must face the dire consequences. The Children are expecting me, So please come to your senses. Your making your I can't believe my ears I'm drowning in my tears really are too much. And now, with your permission, I'm going to do my stuff. What are you going to do? I'm gonna do the best I can hit it. Not mine, of course. But yours a boy. Now that'll be just fine. Release the faster you will have to answer for this. Heinous. I told brother you're something if you put me in a spin. A finished a Mr Bookie bookie and you ain't going? No. Where a man? A Oh, yeah. Boys and girls. Would you like to see something come with?