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This is an example of narration work I believe my voice would be great for!

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for all you beginning runners out there. Let's talk about some tips to get you started. The most important thing is a great pair of running shoes. Click the link below for some of our favorites. Once you have a great pair of shoes, choose clothing that fits well and is made of moisture wicking fabric warming up. Make sure to do a pre run warm up with some dynamic stretches that get your muscles ready to go. Frances Marion shone as bright as a movie star, but instead of being one, she wrote films for them. At a time when women were making waves behind the camera, she ruled Hollywood on her own terms or, as Francis would say, without lying down. Known for adapting literary works and writing roles for women that leapt off the screen, Francis was equally adept when it came to sparkling comedies and gritty crime dramas. Welcome to Rapture, Rhythm and the Tree of Life, featuring Emily Carr and her female contemporaries, will begin our tour at the title wall in the Southern Gallery. The iconic pictures of West Coast rainforests and indigenous villages produced by Emily Carr play a central role in the way British Columbia is represented in popular imagination. When shooting a conversation or interaction between 2 to 3 characters, there's an invisible line between them that the camera should not cross. If you cross the line and cloud the left right spatial relationship of the characters, you risk confusing the audience. When doing a standard conversational shot. You have to framing choices. A single, which is a clean shot of just one actor in the composition or an over the shoulder shot in and out. Notice how your chest rises and falls as you breathe. Imagine sand beneath your toes. Hear the waves crash on the shore. The water flows in and out, just like your breath.