CMA Accreditation training video #3

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A series of training videos for the IMA, the International Management Accountants Association. Teaches members how to study for their CMA, an important business certification.

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you've been working hard in your exam preparation and are ready to take the CME exam. This video explains the registration and testing process so you know what steps to take and what to expect on exam day. To register for the exam, visit the CME, a section of I am a net dot org's under current CMA candidates and click on Register now. Select the exam part in Testing Window and pay the registration faith. You will then receive an acknowledgement form by email with your authorization number. Next, visit biometric dot com. Ford slash I see em A. To select your testing location, date and time, then use your authorization number to schedule your exam. You may reschedule your appointment at any point up to 72 hours before your exam time on the day of your exam. Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your exam to allow time for check in. You will need to present your passport or two forms of I D. Read the instruction to candidates for the identification requirements before entering the exam room. All personal items such as purses, food and watches must be stored in lockers outside the room. You will not be able to bring written notes, books, cell phones or computers into the exam room. Don't be late for your appointment. You will forfeit your registration and will need to repay the fee to register for a new test. Eight. The testing centre will provide pencils and paper for calculations. You are also permitted to use a non programmable calculator. Information on the approved calculators can be found in the instructions to candidates. Three. Exam begins with a 15 minute tutorial. You will then have up to three hours to answer 100 multiple choice questions, followed by one hour to complete two essays. If you need help at any point during the exam or to take a break, raise your hand on a T. C. A. Will be happy to assist you at the end of the exam. The TC A will print out a notice of completion. You will receive your exam scores 6 to 10 weeks following the exam. For more information or to contact. I am a by phone or email. Visit the CME, a website that I am a net dot org's