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Excerpts from the commercials, promotions, and public service announcements that I have voiced for hospitals all over the country. I am happy to help consumers learn about the hospitals in their communities and what they offer.....

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at Shelby Hospitals. New Patient Focus. Surgery Center It's all about convenience and drive up access. It's all about the power of a healing environment. World class healthcare in the shadow of Washington D. C. This is Theano, Va. Heart and Vascular Institute. ST. Francis Hospital and Medical Center offers the hope of good health and the expertise and advanced technology to deliver amazing results. What if you could make getting better? Better welcome to ST Clair Health Center, a new hospital like no other. That's why the breast care center at Manatee Memorial has Theodore Vance technology required for crystal clear imaging. When you are asked to give to the Glens Falls Hospital Foundation annual fund, please give generously.