We want English or Urdu..u can trust on us .u will get satisfied..

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I Emaan have worked 10 years in a industry of voice over as I do it very well..

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Once upon a time there lived a farmer in a village beside a forest. He had a big garden that had an old apple tree and other plants, trees and beautiful flowers. This is my school. It's in London. I'm always walk to my school. I love my teachers. They are very kind. My class is on the second floor. I play with my friends and ad break time. The Children were hungry. They looked out the window. Where was their mother? She walked into the house. A Children ran over mama were so hungry. They both said she said lunch was coming. He walked into the kitchen. She opened a can of chicken soup. He, she poured the stoop into a pot. She added water. She put the pot on a stove. She made two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She sliced an apple. The soup was hot. The poor she poured into, into two bowls. She put the sandwiches on two plates. She put apple slices on each plate. She put the balls at place on the table. The Children Dan to the table. Thank you mommy. They said, then they started eating the cat and the dog was them eat?