English with a Spanish accent



A short memory story.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Spanish (General)


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Where is one memory in particular that stands out for me. On this day in late july, my father stopped by the house and picked me up on his way to the finger. We made the short walk through the pueblo reaches the large wooden gate and enter it, throw the smaller door to the site. He lifted me on his shoulders as soon as the dogs run down toward us. People know I was afraid of dogs. He slowly working up the in slang road as the dogs bark it, jump it and run around him. I felt very safe on his shoulders. He healed onto my legs and stayed in myself, holding onto the top of his head. We passed the bungalow and anna call it the dogs and wave it to us. People gently put me on the ground and held my hand as we walk it down to the pool. The path was uneven and he held my hand as I monitored over exposed roads and rocks. We made into the pool and I saw Greg oro in PCI leo waiting for us. We sat in the shade, under the pergola, around a white wooden picnic table with white wooden benches