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Hello, friends. How are you all doing? Are you ready for story time? I sure am. I'm Emily and this is Rainbow stories for rainy days. Thank you for joining us today. I can't wait for you to hear the story we have today. My friend Christina is going to read a story that she wrote all by herself. The story is called Ocean Olympics, and it's all about being adaptable. It's a tale about a little sailfish who gets a very big owie right before the ocean Olympics. And we hear how her friend Baia the barrack Ouda, helps her work through those challenges and to help her truly believe in herself. Are you ready? Let's go. Well, did you like that? What did you think my favorite part was when Saleh hut dives in and I could almost feel the thrill she felt. I am so happy She gave diving a try and believed in herself. Even though her body had changed, Baia was so good at encouraging her to what was your favorite part? If you like this story, please ask your mommy or daddy or caregiver to rate and review it. So other kids confined us more easily. You can also tell your friends about us, too. We keep it sponsor and add free. It's really just brought to you by us. Shiny Objects Entertainment Thank you so much for joining us for story time, and we'll be back soon with the new one bye for now.