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after speaking with thousands of people just like you, we think we've gained a true understanding of the negative impact and embarrassing smile can have on your life. Banking is a social business. We talk to customers in the lobby at the drive thru and on the phone, we interact with each other. Many of us also share on social media, and that's what we want to talk about. So you're part of a successful online travel agency. Your site looks great. The booking pap is humming and you a be tested. The customer journey to the end degree Bravo at Fusion Orthopedics. We believe in everything. Better experience the difference. There's a certain school of thought out there that thinks it can judge a book by its cover. Well, we're pretty sure we missed class that day because in our world, reputation is earned. Yes, even when you're talking about a dishwasher, this is what empowerment feels like. This is always finding the time for what really matters. This is conquering the day on your terms. This is Lux Steakhouse to creativity. Amsterdam is doing pretty well. We think outside the box is know how to reach people in original ways and even win awards. But can we do better? Are seal. You know it well, you grew up with it since 1931 are 80. A seal of acceptance has remained the gold standard for dentists, and consumers were already in our own ways. We've got kids, we've got our careers. And then there's the things that just make our live special. So, needless to say, your time is incredibly valuable. That's why here at a joint planet Fitness today and get the P a flat card for $1 down in 2199 a month. Work out at any of our locations. Bring a workout, buddy. Thank you for calling New Age. I t. You may dial your party's extension at any time for the dial by name Directory Press nine. Every great story has a beginning. You don't become second to none in an instant. Based on the market proven Gemini technology, the X printer sets new standards. Get away. That fits you like a glove, A place you know, that still surprises you with every visit. Local zoos and national parks. The place where Dolly Parton all this food was fresh. All this food wasted shooting this intro and that might seem like a lot to waste. But in the grand scheme of things, that's nothing. The clothes you love the most are the clothes you wear the most, and that can lead to wear and tear. It does more than soften and freshen. The growth of e commerce has forced organizations toe look beyond brick and mortar stores and develop alternative methods to get products to customers. The office, 3 65 is one solution designed to help you be productive and grow your business. An integrated experience of APS and service office 3 65 adapts to your business. This is an emergency alert. We have received a bomb threat that we deem to be credible. Please prepare immediately for possible evacuates. The first Siris of attacks on the West Coast Bombs have hit the streets of Central California. As the war makes its way West, millions of Americans are wondering where to business mogul and reality TV star Tilman Fertitta is back for another exciting season of $1,000,000,000 buyer. Landry's CEO and one of America's most successful businessmen, Tilman J. Fertitta, is the 1,000,000,000 safety is more than a priority. It is a company value. Environmental health and safety is a vital an integral component of our business operating system. Welcome to wet seal. Customer care were totally so cow. Thank you for being part of our history for help in English. Press one. We're passionately committed to rebuilding. Let's see, this is Dell Chromebook a kid Tough school ready machine. We found the number one pro book killer students. There are moments in life that we treasure moments that we hold on to. These are the moments we hold close to our heart initialization. Complete status. Online sequence engaged. Core temperature re tell me about a complicated man Muse. Tell me how we wandered and was lost and where he went. Sam Who? He much do you like better? Cold or hot? I don't do bads. That's how I keep my very special glow. You mean that dirty layer Get in the tub? It's not as bad as I thought. I'm gonna need some lemonade and my bath. Ducky