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A demo of my weekday, drive-time radio show on 94.3 The X, an alternative radio station in Northern Colorado.

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94 3, the 94 3, the X no coal with the Atari Boys of summer doesn't quite feel like summer though. I spent the weekend in Gunnison and it snowed the entire time. What's up? I'm Emily. Thank you for hanging out. Got some. Imagine dragons for you. Enemy it on 94 3, the X 94 3, the no coop. I'm Emily. Thank you for hanging out. Hopefully, you had a good long weekend. I spent mine driving through the mountains, passed through Bailey Colorado and saw a hotdog stand that is for sale. You could own it. So I don't know if you want to be a mountaineer hot dog owner. You could. That full story is on your 94 3 the app and I've got 21 pilots level of concern. The Miller Moths are officially back in Fort Collins. One was just in my office and terrorized me for about 15 minutes before my coworker was able to kill it with the broom. Still not over it. But anyway, you can find out more about that on our 94 3 the X app. I'm Emily with the red hot chili peppers Black summer 94 3. The, I'm Emily giving away tickets to she and him, they're going to be at the Paramount Theater in Denver on June 13th. I have Jordan from Tim Neth on the line with me now. Jordan. Congratulations. You are going to see she and him freaking way. Yes. Freakin way. Have an awesome time at the show and to get a plus one. So you and a friend at she and him in Denver. I'm Emily Happy Tuesday. Kind of a spooky Tuesday over on the 94 through the X app. I'm looking on there right now. There's a story about an abandoned Colorado ghost town, the dark true crime history of a Colorado funeral home, the Yikes, you can find out more again on that 94 through the X app and I've got Florence and the machine for you. A new music discovery called My Love is on 94 3, the X 94 3. I'm Emily looking at a new study that shows the most fun states in America. Colorado is in the top 10, but we are not number one. I'm going to go through it. See if you guess where we come in. Number one is California. Of course two is Florida three. Nevada Makes Sense. Las Vegas, four, New York five, Illinois and six. Yes. Colorado is the sixth most fun state in America. You can find out more. That full story is on our 94 through the X app or our website 94th through the X dot com. Got some, uh, Lincoln Park for you. Bleed it out it on 94 through the X. Running up that hill. The stranger things version with Kate Bush here on 94 3, the X No coal. I'm Emily. And in about 10 minutes I will be giving out your next summer of stuff. Code word. That is your chance to see the dirty heads at red rocks. You're gonna enter that code word on our app or website on the summer of stuff page coming up in 10 minutes. Be ready. The white stripes here on 94 3, the X no coal. Speaking of the white stripes, Jack White, he is coming to Colorado going to be at the First Bank Center on June 11th and we want to send you to that show with summer of stuff. Your next code word is coming up today at 4 30. So stay tuned for that. I'm Emily. Thank you for hanging out. Hopefully you had a great long weekend and let's get back into that work day afternoon that work week taking it on with a new music discovery from the Lumineers. Where are we? Is on 94 3? The X Avello Airlines is no longer gonna have flights going from the Noco Regional airport, I guess. Uh Loveland to Las Vegas. Too. Good to be true. Huh? Find out more that full story. Is on your 94 3, the app.