Educational Podcast on Vaccines and the Health Risks

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Hi, everybody. My name is Ron, you and R and I'm here joined by Star Robinson. Hello. Today we'll be talking about vaccines. Are they dangerous? And what are the risks? Vaccines are celebrated for their part in fighting disease, but a growing group of people seem to believe that they danger help instead of protecting it. Yeah, I've heard so many stories about allergic reaction's onset of of disabilities and even death. Falling vaccination appointments. Yes, it's true. Vaccines have sided bust. Let's discuss how they work and how dangerous they really are. So your immune system is a complex army of billions of cells, soldiers, intelligence cells and weapon factories. Every day you were attacked countless times, but your muse soldiers alone usually deal with that. So you don't even noticed if it infection becomes serious. So our intelligence sells. Gather intel about it to the Attackers. An actor. They are weapons, factories, you know, the weapons antibodies. They're like targeted missiles produced specifically to combat the invader. Unfortunately, this process takes several days to complete. So does I. Give intruders a lot of time, do damage. Contrary to popular belief, what doesn't kill you doesn't make you stronger. Our bodies really don't want to fight the serious well. The serious war over and over her immune system came up with a way to get stronger. If we fight an enemy that is dangerous enough to trigger or heavy weapons are immune. System automatically creates memory cells. Memory cells remained in our bodies for years and deep sleep when an enemy attacks. For a second time, the slumbering memory cells awaken and order coordinated attacks with the production of antibodies. This is so fast and effective that many infections he beat once will never make you sick again. You might even be immune against them forever. Why're little kids constantly ill? They don't have enough memory cells yet. So how do vaccines actually work? Vaccines air with tricking our bodies into making memory cells and becoming immune to a disease. They pretend to be dangerous infection. One way of doing this is to inject invaders that can't do any harm to our bodies. Our immune system deals with these kinds of vaccines pretty easily. Sometimes it's necessary to make our immune system work harder, though, to produce even more memory cells. Live vaccines are the real field, an enemy that could punch back is a bigger challenge just than a dead one. But that's that's a horrible idea. What if the germs actually learned to avoid that? Scientists breed a sort of we cousin of the real germ in the lab, just powerful enough to annoy the immune system and create enough memory cells. What about the flu? Some viruses, like the flu virus you take so often that we need a new vaccine every year. But most vaccines protect us for years or even a lifetime. There is a catch like everything. The life vaccines have another side side effects. What are they and what happens if your child develops one. It's complicated. It's complicated toe directly. Compare the side effects of vaccines with the side effects of diseases. For example, hundreds of millions of people are vaccinated against measles, But there were only 83,000 cases in Europe in 2018 before the measles vaccine became available in 1963. Virtually every single child on earth contracted measles at some point an estimated 135 million cases in the 19 fifties. But are the measles really that dangerous? And year 2020 with our advanced healthcare in new technology? No, but is it worth the risk of vaccine side effects? Let's use a thought experiment. To determine this. We vaccinate 10 million Children with MMR measles vaccine. Of the 10 million 10% would get a fever, 5% will get a rash, and 50.1% will have an allergic reaction. That means treatment. So we vaccinated 10 million kids. And thanks to good medical treatment and developed regions, all of them will be fine. In actuality, if the 10 million kids were not vaccinated and obtained measles, 2.5 million would die in a large percentage would suffer from extreme illnesses. But what about autism? The connection of autism and vaccines stubs from one source that has been describing countless times. What about deaths? Dust are easy to find. In 2017 alone, 110,000 people die from measles worldwide. Statistically, today, 300 Children will die of measles. One since this podcast started. Wait a second. What if your kid is actually allergic? And what if none of the things they have discovered actually applies to a child specific situation in this case the parents to become the greatest vaccination promoter of all because of your Children can't be vaccinated. Only the collective can protect them. This is called hurting unity. Herd immunity means that enough people are immune to a disease that it can't spread, and I support reaches its victims. But to accomplish this for measles alone, 95% of the people around you need to be vaccinated. Finally, the problem with the debate about vaccines is, is that it's not fought on a level playing field. While the pro vaccine side argues with studies and statistics, the arguments against them are usually a wild mixture of gut feeling. Anecdotes and misinformation and feelings are often immune to fax will not convince anybody by screaming at them. But we can't high from the reality of what anti vaccine conspiracies do. They kill babies too young to be vaccinated. They kill healthy Children better, just unlucky. They bring serious diseases back from the verge of extinction, and the biggest side, effective vaccines is fewer dead Children. Vaccines are one of the most powerful tools. We have to eradicate the monsters that most of us already for gone. Let's not bring the beast back. Let's not bring the beast back