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We're at the top of another hour of today's Army Romance and old school music. So it's only right now we get this hour started with the eyes lay brothers from taking you back and spend the night right here on one, a 4.7 K C O Y. That is Trey songs and Summer Walker in the Sunday afternoon because you know Trey has been a little hot lately in the media, especially on Twitter. If you don't know, he dates a girl named Jasmine Lopez and she is very, very pretty, but apparently his fans are not feeling that she gave him an ultimatum the other day on, on Twitter. She said choose a month with her or a PS five. Now, his fans responded before he couldn't even get a chance to say something telling him to choose PS five because not everyone can have it. But hey, that is none of my business. They're a cute couple. We're going to some And now it's Johnny Gill giving all my love to you right here on one of 4.7 K. So let me hear a chance real fast. Okay. A throwback from Kim. I can't stop loving you in the Sunday afternoon mix. It wouldn't be right if we weren't from throwback to throw back his shot day. Kiss A life R and B that is Brandy would board a line in the Sunday afternoon mix this about 307 o'clock and in your ear you hear in the back of the hour is cool in the game with ladies night and you're very, very close to a accomplishing a degree already. Can you kind of tell us about that? Well, incredible, good credit to a colleague. It is your girl. Epiphany. Let's shake here back in the building with you on this good Sunday afternoon. You already know how we get down. I'm playing you today's R and B throwbacks and old school music all the way up until that six o'clock timeframe. You know, we're getting started. Here is a boy. Yeah, it's Carl doing the introduction for me. She's a bad mama Jama. Here are wonderful. That's a throwback, jagged edge promise on one, a 4.7 K T O Y. Here is some old music y'all released in 1986. Here's Kenny Kenny right here. One oh 4.7 K T O I, one of 4.7 K T O Y. You need to do what you need to do to win this trip to Juneau, Alaska. Jasmine Sullivan need your bed in the Sunday afternoon. I'm trying to get you to Juneau Alaska because apparently people like living there. It's ready. USA is most livable k capital city. You can stop by unclaimed furniture. 800 East Street in Texarkana, Arkansas and sign your name on a slip of paper to be instantly qualified. Keep it right here on one of 4.7 K T O. I, so make sure you are there early. You don't need any type of paperwork or I D just pull up and they're gonna fill your trunk up with some boxes. Keep it tuned in right here on one of 4.7. I got some more throwbacks on the way points. 78 K T O Y Depression is real y'all and having someone to just be there for you and talk to, you can go a long way if you need someone to talk to, you can call 844458. Hope the Salvation Army is here 24 7 to talk to you. They have an emotional and spiritual care hotline. So before you take it to that point, just reach out, that's 84445846 73. Keep it right here on one of 4.7 K T O. I go ahead and grab your lover because it's time for the Sunday afternoon mix. Today's love mix of R and B throwbacks and old school. I'm your host, Epiphany Ella. She here one of 4.7 K T O. I live from 6 15 on the street. And you're here, here's Michael Jackson working day and night right here at one of 4.7 K T O I.