Advertisement Demo Reel, Eric Gomez

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Demo reel for advertisements created in June 2022. Edited by VO teacher/coach.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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erIC Gomez are you exposing yourself If your security software depends on a list of known viruses. You're more exposing. You think it's where I saw the mandalorian get himself into a space squabble. Watch me some UFC fights. And those folks from modern family had me cackling like a trout getting tickled. Look at the size of that basement. I love my new home careful boys. That's real mahogany realtor dot com. To each their home. Everyone gets a family welcome at the J. C. Penney Friends and family sale. Save up to 50% across the store shop for him. Her junior's home and more because there's something for everyone every week. Business week delivers the information and insight. You need to take control of your career, your finances and your future. Well check out 7 11. There's gotta be one right near you. They have everything from burgers to tacos 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. 7 11. Think of it as your own personal walk in kitchen to stay competitive. You're constantly searching for better ways to orchestrate the flow of information. How do you get more out of your pcs? How can you make the most of your existing systems? Okay, so today is my birthday my lucky day. Right so I decided to buy a Maryland scratch off lotto ticket. I figured what have I got to lose its my birthday introducing theraflu express max are powerful relief now in pill form. Green thumb landscaping and lawn care. I say mulch they mulch I say mo they say how high Kodak max versatility plus film gives you clear, sharp pictures in all conditions. I have a mother, I have a father. I even have a big brother. I don't need someone else looking out for me.