Character Demo Reel, Eric Gomez

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Demo reel for animated and video game characters created in June 2022. Edited by VO teacher/coach.

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eric Gomez Dammit! Crag fire crack. Have you hidden the sword of light? The only sword that can defeat us like I told you to up. You hit it. Well, right, good day. Unsc. It's your old pal, glib nub. Banish communications officer and propaganda overlord. And it's another great day of hunting you down like wild animals on zeta halo because one dog ain't enough and two is too low. It's me. Three dogs. How are you kids handling post apocalyptic today? The suspect. And you both swear that he has not had any contact with known criminal entities yet? I found a document with handwriting that matches a known crime lords in the suspect's home. How could he do this to me? Why? I practically raised him. Yeah. You think he would have turned out better? Yeah. Go figure. Well, it's better. You're taking out your anger on these things instead of Cusco. Huh? That's it Kronk. That's it. I'll get rid of Cusco I I could be the sea captain returning from a mighty voyage to reclaim his mechanical arm. Or I could be the rogue anthropologist. Battle and pythons down in the congo and if you desire romance, I will become the greatest lover the world has ever known Hola. I couldn't help but notice you noticing me noticing you. O Kuno knows this ship, ballistic science radio ship shows where the shot came from? Yeah, that ship is famous on Channel eight. You know he is this ship, Those damned pirates. We must immediately assemble a task force and chase after them before they sail too far from the city, raise the alarm and get the quick response ships launched. What the **** are you waiting for move?