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Inspired by a documentary about big big cats on the African continent. Narration written and mastered by talent, Erika Rashad.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American, US African American, US General American (GenAm), African (General)


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Yeah, had a visa is very protective of her cubs and with good reason she will defend them to the death against all enemies. Had is a protected her cubs and her mate with great courage. But she has paid a huge price for that victory. The hyenas fought savagely and gouged the muscle of her hind leg. It is a serious injury that would prove fatal if it becomes infected with her disease. A now injured. The whole pride is in terrible danger. Meanwhile, in the northern area, Amara elaborate is relegated to the rocky outcrops, the hunting grounds that no other big cats want. Finding a meal here can prove challenging. But Amara is incredibly clever. 10 m up in a tree, she has discovered a nest full of our checks. Owls are an unusual meal for elaborate, but she is an unusual cat in the morning light means it's bedtime for the owl chicks or Amara. It could be breakfast mm.