Not cool, man!



theatrical monologue

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Dude, listen, I know there's a lot of going through your mind right now. There's a lot of people telling you to do this. I beg you. Please, man, just give me a couple of minutes to state my case, okay? I know. I need to change. Okay, I get that. Trust me. I'm more than willing to put in the work. But listen, I want you to think of the big picture of her second. Think about what I represent. Thing about the title my species has earned, Man. We have been labeled as man's best friend for over 1000 years. History cannot be ignored. We have, ah, working relationship here. Always have, ever since we were wolves. In those early days, we recognize that you were the superior killer and that we were the superior trackers. So we would track down game. You would kill it and leave us some for us to eat. Now, I'm only telling you this and you can see that the relationship between us goes way back. Look, I get it is not like I lied over to delicious meat every day so you can eat it. Things were different out, but man. All the love that I give you, you just can turn a blind eye on that. Dude, I smell you coming home, like, a mile away, and I get ready for your arrival. I literally get ready. I stop whatever I'm doing, I get. And why? Because when you come in through that door, I want you to feel so good about yourself. I want you to feel all of the positive energy I could possibly give you.