The Dejected Mother

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This demo is from a role where a mother loses her child from suicide. This is her recollection of the event and her first experience breaking down. There are several emotions being displayed throughout.

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she had chronic depression ever since she was 12 years old, Her father had depression. Her sister and even I was on antidepressants for a while when I was her age. But she was high functioning. She went years without any real incidents. She had control over when she was in high school. And then all of a sudden things just fell apart. She this just spiral. I axed her to move back home, but she said no, over and over, over again. She was hospitalized last summer, but I really thought she'd get past it. I thought, You know, it's just a matter of time before she finds the very medicine or even the right therapist and things will get back to normal that day. We've made plans toe have breakfast. I called her, but she didn't. As her phone, I thought she turn it off and slept Lee. So I you know, I went to her house and I knocked on her door, but it was in luck. So I went in and I found her lying on the floor in the kitchen. Why didn't she come to me? I would have done anything for her anything. Do you know that? You know baby was gone? She's never coming back. Ever. Thank you.