The Undateable's Documentary

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looking for love can be tricky, but some people find it harder than others. Going back into the dating game can be quite challenging, like wearing a blindfold whilst walking onto a mind field. So now, with the help of dating agencies around the country, these extraordinary Singleton's are about to launch themselves into the world of dating. It's not about who you want to spend Friday night with. It's about who you want to spend all day Saturday with. We'll share their highs and their lows in their search for love. I am very excited. Indeed, 25 year old singer songwriter Daniel is hoping to meet someone who will make his heart sing. Daniel lives in East Sussex. He's had relationships in the past but was dumped two years ago and hasn't had a girlfriend since. Without Love, you don't you feel as if you're not welcome here on this planet? He has autism, which makes it hard for him to express himself. Daniel struggled to communicate, can make having a relationship tricky, and he was very hurt by his break up two years ago. At six ft four, he makes a striking impression. Romance in Daniel's life has been in short supply, so he signed up with a dating agency