Nick Smith's vocal talent is clearly evident here. Versatility personified, his range is staggering; he can play characters of all ages and both genders, from a young prince to a wicked witch.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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I'm asking myself, as I'm saying, is whether I enjoy being My first impulse is to say no. It could be positively violet ghastly times. Hey, wait a minute, will you? I want to get this down on a tape recorder because nobody's gonna believe me. Now looking, you get me a boil by tomorrow morning. I can tell you something. Beard. If that adorable little picture of yours continues to do his dogs on the ruse is I'm going to rub your nose in it. Understood? Oh, lovely. Fresh would be nice if I wasn't a communal the time because it gets very loathe Magic power. Time Warner knew I had wizardry in the tips of my fingers. Members of the jury. It is now your God given joke A to find the defendant guilty or not guilty at some unfortunate people believe. What's this? Isis authorites. Too little lost boys. Perhaps I can help make things back home I judge between. And when the rain came, you couldn't hear nothing of what the preacher was saying. I tell you, if the Lord ever listened, you must have put cotton wool in these. Yeah, Hallelujah.