You Got This

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This is a motivational voice over, sounds like it could be a nike commercial

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If people laugh when you're telling your dreams If you've ever been so low you felt like you wanted to scream If you've ever been doubted in your quest to achieve If the nonbelievers voices were so loud you almost started to believe that they were right Hold on. This is the moment that I remind you that they are never right Because you were born to be a beacon of light You were born to overcome any fear or any fright You were born to have next level vision and not just site You were born with the hard will and passion to never give up and fight and fight and fight If they say there's no way make it never ask for permission to be great You take it Greatness is yours to claim You just gotta stake it When they try to lock you up with a mental chain you break it Never settle for mediocre average Think big outside the box shoot for Mecca or even better yet, go ******* lactic When they think you're about to throw in the towel, Use it to wipe the sweat off your face Look them dead in the iron smile because they underestimated your heart. And they didn't think you had the resiliency to go that extra mile. But you do. If you fall down 2051 times, you get back up. 2052 because you're rare. Like that Rose that grew in concrete. When they say you can't do it, prove them wrong and do it anyway. Believe in something believing you and never forget you were born to be spectacular. It's in your DNA. You got this? Mm.