Comma Gets A Cure

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A short story about a woman’s first day as a Vet.

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Well, here's a story for you. Sarah Perry was a veterinary nurse who had been working daily at Old Zoo in a deserted district of the territory, so she was very happy to start a new job at a superb private practice in North Square, near the Duke Street tower. That area is much closer for her and more to her liking. Even so, on her first morning, she felt stressed G et an entire bowl of porridge, checked herself in the mirror and washed her face in a hurry. Then she put on a plane, yellow dress and fleece jacket, picked up our kit and headed for work. When she got there, there was a woman with a goose waiting for her. Bowman gave Sarah an official letter from the vet. The letter implied that the animal could be suffering from a rare form of foot and mouth disease, which was surprising, to say the least, because normally you would only expect to see in a dog or a goat. Sarah was sentimental, so this major feel sorry for the beautiful bird. Before long, the itchy goose began to strut around the office like a lunatic, which made an unsanitary mess. The Goose's owner, Mary Harrison, kept calling Comma Comma, which Sarah thought was an on Joyce for name. Comma was strong and huge, so it would take some force to trapper. But Sarah had a different idea. First, she tried, gently stroking the goose's lower back with her palm, then singing a little tune to her. Finally, she administered, either. Her efforts were not futile. In no time, the goose began to tire, so Sarah was able to hold onto comma and give her a relaxing bath. One Sarah had managed to bathe the goose. She wiped her off with cloth and later on her right side. Then Sarah confirmed the vets diagnosis. Almost immediately, she remembered an effective treatment that required her to measure out a lot of medicine. Sarah warns that this course of treatment might be expensive, either five or six times the cost of penicillin. I can't imagine bang so much, But Mrs Harrison, a millionaire lawyer, thought it was a fair price for a cure