Gabriel Patillo's Character Voice Demo Reel



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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Nobody defies me in the underworld. There's fun among the living to before you speak. Let's get something straight. I'm Hendrix and I'm your master Now out here on the open road own and on and on it Gold sleepless nights now be coming home Hey, and we're bad W b o in the bone skills moguls here with tipsy and the lolly pops. You have to remember there was a time before the darkness Stop. Don't. There's no more time. We gotta go. All right. Hey, now, what's a fine feline like yourself doing in a place like this? If you want it that bad, you come and get it. Step right up. Step right up. We've got the freakiest freakin sideshow you've ever seen north of the equator, The side of the Mississippi south of the Mason Dixon line. Who are you to come after the throne? This is my domain. It belongs to me.