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exclusive reports on the state of the nation climbing gas prices in the national child care programme all coming up tonight on your evening news. Parents everywhere are dying to get their hands on one of these. No, it's not a Tickle Me Elmo doll. It's a handheld digital dictionary. Find out why kids are going high tech on how their pocket computers may spell the end for conventional learning. Tonight on news at six, you're listening to Jimmy Radio your Golden oldies station. Keep tuned into Jimmy and let the good times rule. Take a bite out of this. Jimmy's got great music, great friends, and you guessed it great listeners. You found the love and no station warms you up like Jimmy. To be one of today's top models, you need poise, beauty and that elusive genius equal. Do you have what it takes? Find out on Wednesday's episode of So You Want to Be a Supermodel. Only on Fashion ist a TV. Call your local cable provider for more information. I think you're cut from the same cloth as Cindy, Tyra or Holly. Enter our contest online TTO win a free trip for two to London to live the high life. Not only will you stay in the finest hotels, eat the most exquisite food and enjoy a sublime night life. You'll get to strut your stuff on the catwalk and hobnob with the fashion elite. Getting that big promotion must feel good. Why not celebrate Moving up by moving to Somerset Hills? The neighbourhoods of Somerset Hills are now entering into their third fees of building. Choose from dozens of single family homes on pie shaped lots tucked away on Lily's Fear Court. Perfect for young families and parents who want to safe and secluded street on which to raise their kids With home selling quickly. You'd better act now so that you could move into your dream home before the first snowfall. Open. Houses are being held every Saturday and Sunday from 12 until four. To learn more about the Somerset community, visit our website online or call 5553125 Somerset Hills. Move in today and stay for a lifetime. Lazing around watching television, doing homework, painting the house, whatever it's spring break. Wouldn't you rather be dodging moguls and coasting down ski hills in the great White North? We've teamed up with our Snow creates sponsors to bring you the coolest winter holiday package ever. Qualify to win one of three great white North price packs for you and 20 of your closest friends. Are you king or Queen of the Hill? Find out this spring break and to the Great White North contest online or call us toll free. Have you been looking for a place to call home? Need a place that makes you feel welcome and valued at peaceful dove Church or community is waiting for people just like you to find their way home. We invite you to visit during one of our three Sunday services to discover how peaceful Dove Church can help you spread your wings in a friendly and tranquil worship environment. Visit Peaceful Dove Church this Sunday for our nine o'clock 10 30 or known our service, located at 3 44 Hummingbird Lean in Riverside Valley. Peaceful Dove Church, your spiritual home away from home. The rhythmic beating of the drums, the cheerful tinkling of rain sticks on the mouth watering aroma off Jimmy Chang Er's Yes, it's Fiesta time again in Lincoln Park. Bring the kids your in laws your neighbour and even their dog to join in the fun at this flavorful and exotic celebration of central, South American and African culture. Taste food from kitchens around the world in your own backyard on danced, a sultry sambas with performers in traditional dress. It doesn't get any better than this. Join the Fiesta this long weekend at Lincoln Park. Hope to see you there.