Speaker for the Dead - Ch1 p1-2

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since we are not yet fully comfortable with the idea that people from the next village are as human as ourselves. It is presumptuous in the extreme to suppose we could ever look at sociable toolmaking creatures who rose from other evolutionary paths and see not beasts, but brothers, not rivals. The fellow pilgrims journeying to the shrine of Intelligence. Yet that is what I see where you're in to see. The difference between a ramen and very Elsa is not in the creature judged in the creature, judging when we declare an alien species to be ramen. It does not mean that they have passed a threshold of moral maturity. It means that we have the most chinese letter to the frame wings. Router was at once the most difficult and most helpful of the casinos. He was always there whenever people visited there, clearing and did his best to answer the questions. People was forbidden by law to come right out and ask people depending on him too much probably. Yet the router clowned and played like the irresponsible youngling that he was. He also watched probed tested people always had to be aware of the traps the reader set for him