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Middle Aged (35-54)


African (General) British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (General) North American (General)


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Gary McDonald. I had this guy once who come into my shop every night for tree weeks. I mean, I like fried chicken, but every night and there were about two weeks and I asked him why he'd been coming in so much ingenious. Look and say, my wife's gone to the Caribbean for three weeks with her sister. So I said, See you tomorrow, Dan. Sandaled all inclusive Caribbean holidays No started £599 per person. But please spare a thought for those who are left behind. Football is big in Africa. The young boys hear about players like Kanye and Jay Dakota playing in Europe and in good money on. They want to be like that. They play football all the time. You see them wherever you go on. The more football they play, the better they become. Said in the eighties that an African team would win the welcome by the year 2000 which hasn't happened. But Pele was a footballer, not a psychic. The football world brought to you by added, he's seven feet tall and weighs in at over £300 on. He's a little smaller but was voted the League's most valuable player can. The Vanessa Pye person helped the 76 has overcome the might of shock of the latest live on TV sports channel for cable viewers on highlights with Beverly Turn on Saturday afternoons. MBA Siri's finals Only on TV There was one man who emerged in the thirties who would change the face of jazz forever. This man had style and grace in abundance, which was reflected in the music he wrote and played with his band of ultra talented musicians. This man was Duke Ellington. The only thing that Moses Allegretto once in 1956 in London, with its bitter cold winter and Suez crisis headlines, is to leave for the sea and sunshine of his home in Trinidad, and the warmth of his lovely Doris sweetheart is left behind. Loosely based on Sam Seldon's classic novel, Lonely Londoners is a film about Caribbean immigrants in 19 fifties London as they strive to settle in a harsh climate