The Origin of God



Documentary narration. Trusting, informative and inquisitive. This is a lightly introspective and scientific look into the work of the human mind and the sensation of a God-like presence.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Australian New Zealand


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did God invent humanity? WeII INVENT Pioneering scientists are trekking across new frontiers of neuroscience that may at last provide an answer to this ancient mystery. Euro Scientists are recreating out of body experiences in virtual reality laboratories to uncover what happens to the brain during profound spiritual journeys. Yet most of us do not need to leave our bodies to sense. The divine psychologists are working to figure out why we sense a hidden supernatural plane in the world around us. Their work suggests that belief in the spiritually takes hold in young age never leaves us and is essential to how highly developed brain sees the world. This supernatural sense, maybe something more than just a by product of an intelligent mind, because a groundbreaking experiment with chimpanzee suggests that belief in God is unique to humans. But what causes some to see the hand of God humanity in the world around us, while others seem randomness and chance. One psychologist believes she knows why, because the work is showing that our emotional states physically changed, how we see patterns and events in the world, our experience of God, maybe exclusively confined to our brains. But since our brains are where we experience reality. Does imagining God make God real? One neuroscientist is trying to find the answer by peering into the human mind and seeing what God really looks like.