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Georgia has voiced campaigns for Dove Chocolate, Macy's, Skinny Cow Chocolate, and the advocacy organization Autism Speaks.

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mail your letter to Santa at Macy's and will donate to make a wish together or collect a 1,000,000 reasons to believe. Silky smooth dove chocolate Your moment, your dove If you apply a note to every strand of DNA thistles, what it sounds like. It's intricate, complex, beautiful. And it contains the missing answers to autism Way. Pretend that high heels are comfortable and that waxing just takes getting used to weigh. Pretend we can manage anything that's thrown at us, and sometimes we can and other times way just have to cut ourselves some slack and take a moment. Sometimes it's still nice toe. Have a moment to yourself your moment you're done. Now you can have your moment. And why is it dubbed chocolate dot com for a chance to win? Autism Speaks introduces missing a project to collect the genomes of 10,000 people affected by autism, creating the world's largest open source DNA database, allowing leading scientists to change the future of autism and develop personalized treatments. And that sounds beautiful. What can I say? I love the holidays, the decorations, traditions and, of course, the spirit of giving your moment your dove on Lee. One star brings all these stars together. Facts. The magic of Macy's