A Short Story Written by me for my Youtube Channel

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This is the first part of a story I wrote called Lady in the Dark. It is an unfinished story about a young woman named Alise who has to overcome several challenges in an estranged town when there's a murder in the restaurant she works for.

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Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. That's really cool. Mhm. First lady in the dark part one you're right impression is that she was tall, compact built with short brown hair light in the corner of the room illuminated her silky brown skin and a dress she wore which matched the color of her lips. She made a smooth, souping motion through her hair and glance in the mirror. She was ashamed of the person she saw her entire life was a long term project that stretched all the way back to her childhood when the sky was always blue and people smiled and laughed genuinely when parents weren't afraid to let their kids play outside with other kids. When people told the truth to work things out, it was a simple time. But now the times are different and she could tell by the number of lies. A couple of days ago, she heard strangers at the bus stop. They were talking about a little girl who naively consented to get an ice cream with a stranger. A week later the little girl's body was found in the creek. That was the 75th kidnapping case in five months. The straightforward kidnapping followed by murder. Simple for the murderer, yet painful for the family of the victim. Okay, there are other cases too more elaborate ones planned by more intelligent authors like the woman who caught her husband screwing her underage niece. Her husband didn't see her and she didn't confront him about it either. Didn't file for divorce. Why bother which you can do something better reporting her husband to the police and sending him to jail? Wouldn't do it. It just wasn't enough. So she shot her niece twice in the head. Then she planted the gun in her husband's drawer. A typical place that had a weapon she thought especially for a man who never let his wife do his laundry. She knew for sure her husband will notice the weapon the next day after his morning shower. That's why she called the police that night when her husband was out with his so called boys. She was afraid for her life. She told them her husband was abusive and threatened her with a gun. She continued, Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. He took the police five minutes to get there. The woman led them to her bedroom to her husband's closet where the weapon was. Then she told him what she had seen her husband doing with a minor. She was scared for her life. So she didn't report him. It didn't take her very long to allow the police officers to search the house. No need for social warrant. She told the officers she no longer trusted her husband. She knew what she was doing. All she needed was for the officers to find a body and they would in the basement, locked in a freezer. You're right? She looked at herself one more time in the mirror. Then she smiled. She still ashamed the person she saw the way she looked, but that was her strength precisely. She reached into her back pocket and found her name badge read. Alice. Her mother had given her name Alice A. L. I. S. E. Let a very common spelling. They captured her polite manners, which she inherited from her father and the *** give it an edge. But the person bestowed with our name was destined for trouble and gifted with a high IQ match. And Alice was smart, just like her mother. Alice took the name badge and clipped it right above her shirt pocket. She took another good look at herself in the mirror, combing her hair, then straighten her messy eyebrows and tied her hair in a neat bun Alex, checked her waiter pad, had enough pages. Then she unlocked the door and made a soft click. She stepped out of the bathroom and close the door behind her. Just kind of diner and locked her eyes on the prize. There's only one thing left to do and walking away now was not an option. Hey guys, my name's Corbett, Welcome to Universal. I'd like to think of myself as a writer. You know, I write short stories and this is what this channel is going to be about. What you've just listened to is essentially the kind of stories I'll be telling you and you'll be hearing from me, you know, thrillers, mysteries and historical fiction, of my favorite things to write about. But the goal is to branch out as this channel grows and as I grow as a writer, so hopefully you stick around and goes up on a new video every week. So if you're interested again, stick around and we'll see how we grow peace. Mhm. Yeah, mm, mm hmm. Yeah.