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Gina recorded this excerpt from the book \"Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants.\" It has many character voices in it, both male and female, adult and child.

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jerome Horowitz Elementary School was having its big annual field trip to Piqua. Pizza Palace. All of the kids had brought their permission slips and were lined up to get on the bus, George and Harold could hardly wait to eat pizza and play video games all afternoon. This is gonna rule, said George. Yeah, if we ever get there, said Harold. Hey! Said George, let's change the letters around on the school sign while we're waiting. Good idea! Said Harold. So, George and Harold ran over to the sign and began their um thoughtfulness. Unfortunately, the boys didn't notice a dark foreboding presence lurking nearby in the bushes. Ha ha! Cried Mr Crabb, I caught you boys red handed. Oh! Said George laughed. Harold. This is just a little joke, A joke! Yelled Mr crap. Do you boys think that's funny, you boys like to laugh. Huh? Well, Here's A Good one. You two are officially banned from the school field trip. Instead of eating pizza, you'll spend the afternoon cleaning up the teacher's lounge. Isn't that funny? No way! Said Harold. That's not funny at all, said George. That's cruel and unusual punishment. That's why it's funny. Mr Krupp, snarled Mr Krupp marched George and Harold over to the janitor's closet. You can use these supplies to clean the teacher's lounge said Mr Krupp, I want it spotless by the time we get back Mr Krupp went back outside, climbed onto the school bus and laughed loudly as the busses pulled away. The teachers all pointed at George and Harold and laughed too. Ritz said Harold. I thought we were gonna have fun today, We can still have fun, said George. All we need is this ladder, that bag of powdered paste and those big boxes of styrofoam wormy thingies. So George and Harold carried their supplies to the teacher's lounge and got down to business an hour or so later the bus is returned to the school. All of the Children got off, packed up their stuff and got ready to go home. The teachers gathered around George and Harold and began teasing them. The pizza was so delicious. Too bad, you didn't get any said MS Ribble. I wanted to bring you back a pizza said Mr Meaner, but I ate it on the bus. The teachers eventually got tired of taunting George and Harold so they retreated to the teacher's lounge to relax. Hey, how come it's so dark in here? Asked MS demeanor as he flicked on the lights, the ceiling fan began rotating very slowly. MS Ribble went to the sink and turned on the faucet. Suddenly the spray nozzle sprayed cold water all over her, she screamed. Somebody turned the water off. The other teachers sprang up and tried to help. They all got sprayed too. The ceiling fan was rotating faster now and some of the powdered paste had begun flying off the fan blades. The teachers struggled with the faucet, pushing and shoving each other. Finally, somebody turned the water off, but not before everyone was thoroughly soaked. The ceiling Fan was now spinning at full speed. All of the powder on the fan blades had been flung off and it was now floating down on the wet teachers. Hey what the pride Mr Meaner! What's all this sticky stuff? Yelled misanthrope, bye Now all of the teachers were covered in gooey sticky paste. It didn't take a genius to know that George and Harold were behind all this. Those brats better not have touched my diet soda. MS, Ribble shouted, she dashed to the refrigerator and swung the door open. Suddenly thousands of tiny styrofoam pellets flew out into the room. The wind from the ceiling fan blew the pellets around and around naturally. They landed on the stickiest things in the room. The teachers ah! Scream! The teachers, they ran out of the teacher's lounge, screaming and yelling. George and Harold saw what looked like a group of giant evil snowmen heading straight toward them. I've got a good idea, said George would ask Harold. Run