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Gina had a ton of fun creating this. There's a variety of characters from silly to sexy, kid to adult, salesman to snob and more!

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my name is Cecilia stuff sermon. I was a silent picture star. Then the talkies came along and by some strange happenstance I was stopped in my tracks. I can't understand it. I slept with all the producers. Hello? Hello, biff, muffy. Here Look Darling Nords drums are selling those nifty fluffy Cardigan sweaters. I told you about for 50% off and just in time for the hot toddy party at the Van Arsdale. Hey kids, look what I've got your very own mumsy doll. She's got her own plastic surgery scars. Just like real mum sees and look if you push on her backside, she talks, she says get me a drink stupid or not now dear, I've got a headache. High tiger can't wait to see you tonight and I can't wait to show you my new black boudoir ensemble from night dreams. Night dreams with three locations in Arlington, sweeten and downtown D. C. Melvin. You are the messiest husband. Can't you pick up after yourself? These clothes, these shoes, this oh hallmark card dear match ran off with Cynthia but you find the time to pick up my girlfriends, don't you? You know bob's are pretty smart. They know everything by bob does when I don't feel good even before I tell her that's why she always gives be fluid all for kids when I have a cold. She says it's better than sliced bread, whatever that beads. I just took my hot new Toyota sports broom out for a spin on the yellow brick road and I was almost killed trying to run down that awful girl with the pigtails and that mangy little dog.