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This demo was created while at John Burr Voice Dynamics to highlight examples of what Gina can do.

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Human beings and the great apes had a common ancestor about five million years ago. The genes of the two groups differ hardly at all, but some of them are differently arranged by using that information. Along with hominid fossils, we shall learn what genetic changes made it possible for the ancestors of modern people to stand upright about four million years ago and then to speak. Depression is a syndrome generally characterized by some combination of the following symptoms. Low energy, low self worth, a pervasive sense of hopelessness, sleep disruption, increased or decreased appetite, physical lethargy and automatic sized thoughts and premises which are negative in tone and content. One of the physical effects of stimulants is to constrict blood vessels in the nose and sinuses. This constriction shrinks those tissues, allowing freer passage of air. The effect is temporary, and when the stimulant wears off is usually followed by an opposite reaction in which the nasal passages become more blocked than before. Although pitch is continuously varied within phrases and sentences, paragraphs or passages usually evoke an overall pitch level called key. He is generally high middle or low hi keys are associated with material involving excitement or emotional intensity such as that of fear or rage. Middle keys are generally used for less emotional material, such as narrative or descriptive passages or unembellished information. If you experience emotions without a factual base, this fact does not by itself mean you are irrational. You are irrational only if you let the emotion affect your conscious evaluation of the situation one way or the other. If you meet someone for the first time and notice a sense of like or dislike, you are not irrational. You are irrational only if you claim to know something about his intelligence, worth or moral character. Mhm.