Videogame Demo, English, Hold On & Have Fun!

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Gina had so much fun making this! You'll hear a wide variety of characters: from human to rat creature, killing monster to evil child, wizard to soldier!

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I will break you. We've clashed 1000 times. No more. I want to remember killing you. My ax is getting cold. One of us will die today. Where is he? You useless? Piece of crap. Jim Milton! I've had it with you, deputy. Can we just hang this sick ******* ourselves right now? Can we, Can we please? You're a degenerate and a failure. And I'm getting mighty sick of this. Sneaking around. Really works up my appetite. This tastes awful. It's not even stale yet, dip it in sewage. Leave it in the sun for a while. Oh, yes, that's perfect. Yes, aged like a fine egg. We're not turning back now, Commander. Too many lives are at stake. I still believe in this mission. We can do this. Where are you? Don't be afraid of cats? Ha ha! Found you. I'm the champion of hide and seek. And you know what I do to losers! I burn them beaten by a little girl. Ha! You cannot cage me, summoner the untamed. Know no fear here! Mousey, mousey, mousey! I'll show these house cats real claws! Ah, mm! The taste of coward. Your commands tire me. The magic calls to me suffering awaits. I smell deaf