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economic freedom. Theobald city of individuals to make their own economic decisions, is fundamental to prosperity worldwide. In the United States, levels of economic freedom vary across the 50 states, and not coincidentally, so do levels of economic opportunity and prosperity. According to our latest report. In the most free states, average per capita income is just over 7% above the national average, compared to roughly 10% below the national average in the least free states. Ah, handful of states have been at the top of our economic freedom rankings for several years, and their economies tend to substantially outperform our reports. Perennial cellar dwellers. So what do free or states do better? The freest economies at both the state and national level operate with minimal government interference, relying on personal choice and markets to decide what's produced, how it's produced and how much is produced. When governments restrict these choices, there's less economic freedom. And when that happens, people vote with their feet, for example, compared to of our reports cellar dwellers New York and California with two top performers, Texas and Florida, the populations of Texas and Florida have grown more than three times faster than the populations of New York and California. Research is clear. Higher levels of economic freedom correlate with greater economic growth and higher levels of life satisfaction where economic freedom is high, number of jobs grow and the economy is vibrant. Where it's low, the economy stagnates and opportunities are limited. Finally, contrary to what some people think states don't need. A wealth of natural resource is, ah, highly skilled workforce, a great climate, stunning tourist attractions or gleaming infrastructure to achieve high levels of economic freedom. All they need is the common sense to adopt policies that allow their citizens to act in the economic sphere, free from restrictions and undue interference from government. To learn more about the Fraser Institute's economic Freedom of North America report visit Fraser institute dot org's slash economic dash freedom.